Consumer Protection and Education

The Consumer Education and Protection Unit at MoCI promotes consumer education and rights within the commerce of Liberia. The Unit uses administrative negotiation skills to handle consumers’ complaints and to resolve disputes between businesses. To ensure consumer’s rights are respected, the Unit promotes consumerism on UNMIL and other media outlets.  The Unit also engages consumer outreach programs to educate consumers on their basic rights: the right to obtain a receipt, get a warranty, and be aware that you can get a refund or engage an appeal process with the Ministry.

The Bill of Rights specifying Business Owner’s rights can be found here: http://www.moci.gov.lr/doc/MoCI.BasicInspectionProcedures.ConsumerBillofRights.02132015.pdf

The Unit celebrates World Consumer Rights Day on 15 March every year. The Consumer Complaint Form is available at the Ministry or on the Ministry’s website: www.moci.gov.lr. The Ministry has also introduced a hotline, 6624, to promptly address consumer complaints.

The Consumer Team handles complaints ranging from sub-standard goods, hoarding, price fixing, and refusal to give a receipt, etc.

The Consumer Education and Protection Unit works closely with the Inspectorate, Standards, and Price Analysis and Marketing Divisions within the Ministry.


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